Description of the project


The objective of the project is to activate people over 65 in the area of digital competences through training and animation activities. There is no upper age limit for Participants.

The effect of the Project’s implementation is to include Seniors in building an information society in Poland, developing functional digital competences and the ability to use IT in everyday life.


Project activities are planned for three years. Support is directed to Seniors only from municipalities that have previously declared their participation in the Project. 151 municipalities from the Wielkopolska Voivodeship take part in the Cyfrowa Wielkopolska Project. The total number of Seniors who will take part in the Project is 3,100 people.

The training enables each Project Participant to acquire very practical skills:

  • using the Internet, computer, telephone, tablet and other IT devices;
  • shaping competencies that are helpful in everyday life of a Senior (online communication, e-services, including shopping and online banking, medical services, e-government and many others).

Various activities with Seniors are planned within the Project.

I. Digital competence training:

1. basic level – adapted to the needs and possibilities of Seniors (subject, time and atmosphere of classes), are implemented in two versions:

  • standard training – 60 hours of classes for people who have minimal experience in using the computer and the Internet;
  • extended training – 90 hours of classes for people who do not have experience in on-line communication and work with a computer, and require longer support because of health condition, disability.

2. advanced level – 30 hours of additional thematic training for people who want to deepen basic digital competences (e.g. in the field of digital photography, blogosphere, online finance, etc.)

II. Animation projects – group activities activating Seniors in the local community using functional digital competences and IT tools (e.g. creating online discussion and hobby groups, book clubs, film lovers, art, photography or tourism, culture and local history, creating websites/blogs by enthusiasts etc.)

Each Participant will get several months of support within the Project. The training will be conducted using mobile computer labs and tablets.

Seniors, who will be present at the classes, will receive a TABLET after completing the training.

The ICT equipment purchased for the purposes of the Project implementation will be transferred to the municipalities that will be most actively cooperating in the implementation of the Project.

The local community of the municipalities has a unique opportunity to participate in an innovative Educational and activation project.